Head Soccer

Head Soccer is an interesting sports game with simple soccer gameplay. It offers a variety of modes and features to keep you amused for hours. Head Soccer features the excitement of soccer with the special power-ups and abilities of players. Each match in the Head Soccer game brings a unique experience.

 Are you a football fan? Head Soccer must excite you!

How to Play Head Soccer

Your objective is to score more goals than your opponent while simultaneously defending your goal. The key to winning is to use your forehead to move the ball and make accurate headshots. What should you do?

  • Select your preferred game mode.
  • Select your preferred character.
  • Control soccer players using simple key inputs to move, grab a ball, jump, kick, shoot, or head-shoot
  • Score goals in your opponent's goal while defending your own.
  • Control your on-screen soccer player to beat your opponent.
  • Win by having the most goals at the end of the match.

Control Guide

The controls in Head Soccer may vary slightly depending on the version you are playing. Here’s a basic control guide:

1 player mode:

  • Arrow: Move your player.
  • Z or X: Shoot the ball.

2-player mode:

Player 1

  • WASD: Move your player.
  • N or M: Shoot the ball.

Player 2

  • Arrow: Move your player.
  • 1 or 2: Shoot the ball.

Game Features

  • Various Modes: Include tournament play, penalty shootouts, and timed matches.
  • Clear Winning Conditions: Win by being the first to reach a set number of goals or having the most header goals when the match timer expires.
  • Customization: Options to explore and enjoy different gameplay experiences.
  • Flexible Gameplay: Modes cater to both competitive and casual playstyles.

Are Head Soccer Unblocked?

Are people asking if Head Soccer is unblocked or not? Head Soccer is fully accessible and unblocked on our website. You can enjoy this fun sports game even when you are at school or work. An uninterrupted experience is ensured, just focus on beating your opponents. 


On Google Play, Head Soccer has received many positive reviews. The game has more than 1 million reviews and reaches 4.0 stars. Player comments on Google Play mostly say: "Head Soccer is a very interesting game. This game is intended for people who enjoy sports, football, or skill games. The game will become interesting when players start to unlock characters. However, players say the game's only drawback is the lack of an online system. If there is this feature, the number of players will skyrocket."

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Head Soccer 2023

Head Soccer 2023 brings arcade soccer into the future, with improved graphics, gameplay, and more characters and modes. The game's over 100 avatars with various powers and shots make every match surprising and exciting. Death Mode and Fight Mode present new obstacles and skill tests. All levels of players can compete globally in casual matches and competitive tournaments with robust online multiplayer features.

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Q: How to unlock new avatars in Head Soccer?

A: Winning matches and completing specific challenges are ways to unlock new avatars in Head Soccer. Try your best!

Q: How can I use special shots?

A: Special shots are unique abilities that each avatar possesses, such as the Dragon Shoot or Ice Shoot. These can be activated using the special ability key during gameplay.

Q: What is the easiest character to get in Head Soccer?

A: In Head Soccer, the easiest character to unlock is Cameroon. To unlock Cameroon, you simply need to play through the game and reach a relatively low milestone. Cameroon's simple unlock requirements allow new players to quickly add this character to their roster and start enjoying their unique abilities.

Head Soccer is a must-play soccer game for all casual gamers. That it features easy controls, exciting game modes, and unique character abilities offers endless fun. Play the game, master special shots, and see why so many people love playing Head Soccer. 

Enjoy the excitement!

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